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On Hold - Focusing on other projects.

Current status:

  • Map generation is nearly complete
  • Players can navigate dungeons and attack enemies
  • Enemies can seek out players and fight them

Features and adjustments being made

  • Making enemies attack smarter
  • Give the players and enemies individual stats (attack,speed,etc)
  • Finalize on the tiles for walls
  • Creating a new enemy (Hint: They prefer brain over brawn)

The Story

From time to time, we hear rumors of a lone witch that traveled about, encountering monsters now and again.

The monsters, first assuming that this witch was merely human, would prepare to drive him away, try to hide their monstrousness, or fear that he would be mortified by their appearances.

However, the witch did not judge beings by their looks or species, but rather by the amount of desire in their heart.

The witch would kindly help the monsters with whatever trouble was consuming them.

At first, this act was seen as purely generous, but the witch would inevitably ask for something in return.

He asked the monsters to lie in wait, always preparing for when the witch would give them the call to redeem his favor.

If the monsters did not agree to this plan, the witch gave them an offer they could not refuse.

Whatever the monsters desired, the witch would give it to them if they could just give themselves to him for one day.

Some had their doubts, but, wanting so eagerly to have their dreams come true, the monsters he had once helped agreed to follow his orders when he commanded.


Monsquete is a spooky dungeon crawler for 1-4 players where players play as monsters trying to get their wish.

Features include:

  • Procedural generated levels
  • 3 different endings for each character
  • Run through dungeons with different goals each time
  • Fight off the humans who wish to stop you
  • Don't let your monstrous urges take over or you will go on a rampage
  • Strong replayability


Programming by Adam Taber

Art by Brittney Petronella


Minimum specs: Windows XP,7,Vista or later with DirectX 9 or later with at least 32mb memory

Development blog : https://monsquete.tumblr.com/

Contact at gekslupis@gmail.com or send a message if you have questions.

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